Frequently asked questions - HSM

Do you have Helor Stance Motor for 110V (or 220V/240V)?

Yes, we do. You can specify the voltage specification when adding the product into your cart.


What burr set does it come with?

The Helor Stance Motor (purchased as a complete Motor package) will come with Mazzer's 187C 83mm conical burrs.


What materials are the Helor Stance Motor made from?

The motor housing body, along with other parts as seen in black finish in our pictures, are all anodised aluminium. The grind chamber, the part that grinds the coffee and has a metallic finish in our pictures, is stainless steel. It can be safely assumed that all parts that come in contact with coffee will be in stainless steel (or steel in the case of Mazzer burrs) - that includes the stainless steel dosing funnel that we will be including in the pre-order. 


What will come in the box?

  • Complete pre-assembled Helor Stance Motor (110V or 220/240V)

  • IEC power cord

  • Tools for burrs removal and cleaning

  • Accessories :

    • Portafilter Fork (suits portafilters with 58mm basket)

    • Dosing funnel for 58mm baskets

    • RDT and WDT tools included for your convenience

    • Adhesive numbered grind scale x2


What is the process like for burr disassembly for cleaning? Will it require re-dialing in afterwards? 

For thorough cleaning (every 6 months or so), we recommend removing the inner burr to access both the burrs. That will involve removal of the fasteners holding the inner burr using the tool (hex key) supplied. It is a relatively easy procedure and no redialling is required. If you have to remove the outer burr, the adjustment may be affected slightly but it will still very close to your dialled-in setting.

For routine cleaning (weekly or so), we recommend removing the magnetic funnel and wipe down both the funnel and the lower burr area. There is no coffee ground retained in the grinder unlike a traditional grinder so it's really a low-maintenance equipment.


How many grams of beans does it hold with the lid on?  Do I need to feed them in continuously while it’s running?

With the lid on, the chamber can comfortably hold 70g and easily up to 75-80g at the max capacity (based on medium roasts). So you can easily load up to 70g at one go.


How would you describe the ease of changing from espresso to pour over and back to espresso? Easy to get back to the espresso mark consistently? 

In short, the procedure is relatively easy and will be very repeatable with the numbered scale.

Because the Stance has a fine thread (0.5mm) to make it easy to adjust for espresso, it does mean the adjustment ring has to be moved by about 1-1.5 revolution for pour over. Moving the ring is easy and smooth, but you do need to remember where you are relatively on the scale (whether +1 revolution or -1 revolution). If all else fail, just chuck a few beans in for test grind and you'll know for sure. Once you're in the correct revolution, returning to your dialed-in espresso grind is just as easy as returning to the last grind setting number you used. 

When adjusting finer, the motor does need to be running while making the adjustment.