A short interim update – Portafilter Fork Adapter


Hi all,

Things are moving along and we are currently in queue for production of the grinder parts. We expect things will move along quickly in the coming weeks and we will be sharing more updates as it goes.

On a separate note, we have a last-minute addition submited to the the CNC-machining company. For all pre-orders, we’ll be including a new multi-purpose fork adapter. This fork adapter is magnetically latched onto the existing portafilter fork to act as a dosing cup holder. Along with the new fork adapter, each Lagom will now also come with a precision doser cup, which is an upgrade from our original dosing cup system. We think that the new doser cup is much easier to use for transfering coffee ground. The doser cup can also be used as a catch cup for brew/filter grinding and can hold up to 40g. As a bonus, our customers who happens to use La Pavoni lever or similar may also use the adapter as a portafilter rest for direct grind-into-pf experience!


We look forward to bring you more updates soon!

Best regards,