New bean loading funnel available for all existing HSM owners

We hear you! One of our customers’ feedback was they wish the bean loading process into the HSM can be further aided with a loading funnel. It did take us a while to get there, but we’re proud to say we finally got there!

After repeated brainstorming and prototyping, we have finally settled on a design that satisfies our long list of requirements - it was not easy! To preserve the aesthetic and the overall product design, we have used the same Stainless Steel material that the Stance is made from. Some may say it’s overkill just for a funnel, but we say why not? :-) Fun fact: each funnel is carved out of stainless steel billets close to 1.3kg (or about 3 lb for our US friends). The final weight of the assembled funnel is 370 g (0.8 lb).

With the new loading funnel, not only the bean loading process will be easier, but as added perks, the beans won’t be popping out as you would expect (you do not need the lid anymore) and beans can be loaded with the motor running if you ever have to do that.

Here we present you the bean loading funnel with a short video to demonstrate how it works.  We hope you like it!


There is one more important backstory we want to share. We initially received the bean loading funnels *excitedly*, only to find that all the funnels were dented and had marks on them. Naturally we sent them back for refinishing, but were told that they can not be 100% just from re-polishing especially for some of the marks or dents. One alternative is to remake the funnels from scratch and discard these imperfect funnels. However that doesn’t sit well with us since they are all perfectly functional, and the marks are quite minor in most cases - some may even pass them off as perfectly new. But for the sake of transparency we decided to come forth with it.

Here are some of the examples:


So here’s what we have decided to do a little differently: whether you’re from the first batch or the latest batch, we will send them completely free-of-charge, including the shipping fee!

If you are an existing HSM owner (for motorised version only), please send us an email ( to confirm your current address. We will be more than happy to send one of the funnels to you.

Of course if you decide to cover some of the cost for us after receiving it we would appreciate that too. But that is completely up to you and it depends on how happy you are with the loading funnel in use. :-)