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Lagom P64 flat burr single-dosing coffee grinder


Zero retention with streamlined workflow for single dosing

Metal construction with commercial-grade components to deliver decades of long service life


High precision grinding mechanism CNC machined from a single-piece of metal with IT6 grade tolerance

SSP Red Speed burrs geared for light roast coffee with high uniformity grind


Zero retention for minimal waste


Specially optimised grind path and grinder design to help minimise retention, with RDT step being optional for most beans and use-case. Suitable for on-demand dosing without the need for purging.


Robust built quality


CNC-machined with P5-grade dual angular contact bearings and commercial-grade BLDC 300W motor for decades of service life. Motor is coupled to the grinding mechanism via flexible coupler to minimise vibration transmission to ensure grinder’s longevity and more accurate grinding results.

Designed for single dosing


Custom-made motor driver board with optimised RPM profile for single dosing operation. Unique bean feeding design allows for improved performance of flat burrs in single-dosing mode.


Easy to use


Large loading funnel allows beans to be loaded easily. Integrated portafilter fork allows for hands-free and direct grinder-to-portafilter grinding experience. Grinding chamber is easy to clean with no additional tools required for disassembly and returning to prior grind setting is a painless process.


Flexible and user-customisable


Grind setting on Lagom P64 is stepless and features 0.5mm-pitch stainless steel threads, offering up to 3x finer grind adjustment and covering full grinding range from French Press to espresso. Motor RPM is adjustable based on user’s preference and needs. Beans can be loaded with the motor running or can be loaded into the grinder first before starting the motor.

Powerful BLDC motor


A brushless DC (BLDC) motor can offer up to 3 times the output torque compared to an equivalently-rated AC motor. The 300W BLDC motor on the Lagom P64 ensures that you have plentiful grinding power regardless of your preferred roast level and brewing method.

High precision and aligned by design


Each critical component on Lagom P64 is specified to a tolerance of ± 0.02mm or better. In combination with the unique unibody design, the tolerance accumulation is kept to a minimum to allow for highest precision on each Lagom P64. More importantly, the alignment is permanent and the grinder can be dismantled and reassembled without worrying about losing its alignment.


Burr choices


There are 2 burr sets option available for Lagom P64.

In short, they are both capable of all brewing methods. The SSP Red Speed Burrs are geared towards specialty light & medium roast for both espresso and filter brewing; the Standard Burrs offer the traditional flat burrs flavour profile for espresso.

We have a comparison table below and if you wish to know more details: check out our FAQ page

Standard Burrs - Stainless Steel

Standard Burrs - Stainless Steel

SSP Red Speed Burrs - Coated

SSP Red Speed Burrs - Coated

Standard Burrs SSP Burrs
Burrs Material Stainless Steel Red Speed Coated
Grind throughput range 1.0-2.4 g/sec 0.8-2.2 g/sec
Rated capacity 250 kg / 550 lbs 5000 kg / 11000 lbs
Grind characteristic Bimodal Unimodal
Brew/filter suitability Moderate Excellent
Espresso performance Excellent Excellent
Recommended for roast level Medium to dark roasts Light to medium roasts

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Tech specs

Burr size Flat burr 64mm
Grind setting range
  • Step-less adjustment
  • French Press to Turkish-fineness
  • -0.5 to +3.5mm vertical movement
  • Each dot moves 0.01mm (10 microns) vertically
  • Typical dynamic grind retention*
  • With RDT: <0.1g
  • Without RDT: <0.2g
    *for most beans and use case.
  • Size and weight
  • 21 × 13 × 35 cm 7.8kgs
  • 8.2 × 5.1 × 13 inch 17.2lbs
  • Grinding speed Adjustable 200-1400 RPM
    Grinding throughput 0.8g/sec up to 2.2 g/sec at espresso-setting
    Construction Material
  • 6061-T6 CNC machined and anodised aluminium
  • 304 stainless steel: moving parts and adjustment threads
  • Bean loading capacity
  • Funnel holds up to 40g whole beans
  • Beans can be fed continuously for large batch-brewing
  • Motor 300W Brushless DC motor
    Voltage 100-120V or 220-240V
    Warranty 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects

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