Lagom P64 Flat Burr Grinder [pre-order for mid February 2020 delivery]

Lagom P64 Flat Burr Grinder [pre-order for mid February 2020 delivery]

  • The pre-order for late November delivery has currently sold out.

  • The current available pre-order is for mid February 2020 delivery.

  • Instruction: After selecting your grinder configuration, please click on the ‘Cart’ icon on the top right of your screen to check out.

Update: Thanks to the great support from our early supporters, we are currently sold out of the pre-orders allocated for late November delivery.

The deposit for pre-order will be a non-refundable $600 USD, with the remaining balance due when the grinder is ready for shipping.

The total price of Lagom P64 will be $1475 for Standard Burrs, and $1585 for SSP Red Speed Burrs.

Please Note: Price shown in US Dollars

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Payment in EURO (for European customers only)

For deposit payment in Euro, please use the Paypal button to the right.

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In the box

Each Lagom P64 Grinder will come with:

  • Lagom P64 with the burrs of your choice (select during the checkout )

  • Integrated Portafilter fork (58mm)

  • 58mm stainless steel dosing funnel

  • Power cord (US/Euro/ANZ)

  • Other included accessories such as dosing cups, WDT tool and RDT for your convenience

Shipping information

The shipping fee will be based on your country/region. For Lagom P64, it is estimated to be $80-90 for most countries.

Other notes

Each unit is checked and tested before shipping.

While we will do our very best to ensure the cosmetic perfection of each delivered units, occasional micro-scratches or cosmetic flaw (that is not visible from 10cm away) may be inevitably due to handling and final QC check. Therefore we cannot guarantee the cosmetic perfection but we can review it on a case-by-case basis.