Lagom P64 is officially coming soon!

Hello all!


As some of you may already know from our not-so-subtle hints on the home page and Instagram, we have an exciting news to share! After a couple years in the work, we are finally ready to share this news about adding a new single-dosing grinder to our product line.

Lagom P64 is our take on flat burrs single-dosing grinder for home coffee enthusiasts who are looking to up their game for the light roasted coffees that some of us have come to love and enjoy - or if you are still new to it and are open to explore more! Our goal was to create a user friendly flat burrs grinder for domestic use case, in a compact form factor but with commercial-grade build quality and without sacrificing the quality in other aspects.

We have just posted some information on the product page and will continue to be releasing more information and specs about the grinder in the coming weeks.

At the moment, we are finalising the pricing but should have the details soon. We are aiming to open up the pre-order in early September with a target delivery timeline by the end of the year.

If this sounds exactly like what you need, let us know @ to register your interest and to get notified for our pre-order! We’re keen to hear from you and can’t wait to share more about our new grinder!

Best regards,