4th September Update for Lagom P64

Hello all!

We have some recent updates for the Lagom P64:

In case you haven’t come across our pre-order page, the pre-order sales will start @ 7th September, 2019, 08:00 AEST.

i. P64 in action! And all you want to know about Lagom P64.

We have been asked a lot for more pictures and videos of the grinder. We originally intended to produce professionally-shoot video/photos for the Lagom P64. But due to scheduling issues it was going to take more time than we like. We thought candid unedited videos will represent the user experience more realistically so why not! Here they are  - link below.

We have also put together a FAQs section for questions we get often. You can find them here along with the videos - please feel free to share them with anyone you know that may be interested : 


ii. Pre-order discount for early birds

As we are a fairly small-sized company, your deposit will be extremely helpful for us to kickstart the production run and to ease off some of the capital burden. Hence, to thank you for your support, we are offering a $100 discount for all early bird orders placed before 14th September. Don't miss it!

More information available on the pre-order page:


iii. Black option available – limited time!

We were asked by a few of you if a black version can be made available. The answer is yes! But the caveat is it will only be available during the pre-order period before the production run starts.  If you would like a black version, do let us know via email so we can confirm that for you before the manufacturing starts.


iv. Tax-prepaid option for customers in Europe

For customers in Europe, we have consulted our freight company and we are glad to announce that we will be able to do bulk shipping for the pre-orders and offer tax-prepay option. The details are also included on the pre-order page:


Thank you all for your support! We just can't express enough how excited we are to bring this new product to the wider market, which we believe is truly one of its kind!


Best Regards,