Thank you! Danke! Kamsa hamnida! Tack! Tak!

Hello all,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially to our supporters and partners who all helped to spread the words.

Our first pre-order sales for our Lagom P64 were a great success and the pre-orders were sold out much quicker than we had initially anticipated. We are really grateful for all of your support and for your vote of confidence in what we do!

But no, it isn’t the time to relax just yet - our journey has only officially started now. It is our priority now to deliver and execute what we set out to do. We are hoping that this grinder will be a true one of its kind grinder in its class that defines what a high-end grinder for coffee-enthusiasts could be!

We will keep you all updated and we know November can’t come soon enough for many of us!

Warmest regards

Option-O team